This made my day

Saturday, June 12th - gf's cornertime

At home staring out my window, no pretty girls to be spotted, good thing gf's in her corner with her red bottom on show, least I have something to watch.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Demotivational pics

I always loved these kind of pictures with their funny messages.
So it seemed fun to make a collection of the ssexiest ones and add them to my blog.

This one seemed a great one to start with.

Monday, 7 June 2010

The real world - a ride on your bicycle

Saturdays 'it made my day' was titled 'a ride on your bicycle' and it was about a young girl with curly brown hair, wearing a white summers dress with colorful flowers.
She was riding a bike and the wind was whipping at her skirt. With only one hand on her handlebars, she used the other to pull down the front of her skirt. But the flashes of visible bare hips and fresh white panties covering her bottom were enough to make my day.

So it made sense that the newest picture for this collection is this fine young lady doing just the same. :)

Sunday, 6 June 2010

A red dress - a spanking story

Springy white lace edging the spaghetti-straps and running down the neckline, slightly covering the part of her breasts that had been left uncovered by the dress’ generous cleavage. The glossy red dress encompassing and enhancing her breasts, kept together just below them by a band of white intricate lace. Still snug around her hips the red dress receives a break in colour with a white pattern of flowers that multiply as the skirt spreads and folds around her legs, the white hem brushing the top of her knees. Sophie did a twirl in front of her mirror, she couldn’t stop smiling, couldn’t believe the dress was actually hers. It was the best birthday present she had ever received. Weeks of nagging, begging and sulking hadn’t convinced her boyfriend to buy the expensive dress for her. But Anna, her best friend in the world, had somehow managed to collect enough birthday-money amongst her friends for this one big present.
Her boyfriend would be home soon, with a present of his own and Sophie hastened to prepare for him. How he would be surprised to see how beautiful she was in that dress. He wouldn’t know if he wanted to pull it off of her or to let her keep it on. Her cheeks coloured faintly imagining the things he’d do when he finally did take off her dress. So she made sure that he would not be disappointed by what he’d find underneath. She was already wearing her tiny white French knickers and the matching bra, barely covered by the dress. Sitting on the sofa she added her white stockings, rolling them up slowly until the flowered hem covered her hips, hidden just beneath the dress. Her dark brown hair fell in long curls down her shoulders, loose as he liked it and a touch of make-up set her face alight.

Things didn’t go to plan however when Sophie’s boyfriend Andrew arrived home. The look of desire and surprise in his eyes had only lasted a split second before it was replaced by anger and disbelief. “I can’t believe you went out and bought that dress for yourself Sophie. Not after I had forbidden it.” He had said. Sophie had tried to explain, had tried to tell him that she hadn’t bought it for herself, that it was a birthday present from Anna. Andrew hadn’t believed a word she said. He had said he was sure Anna would back any story Sophie had prepared, that he was having none of it.

And thus now the red dress was being pulled up, slowly revealing the hem of her stockings, the bare flesh of her hips, the part of her bottom that wasn’t protected by the French knickers and then being folded on top of her lower back as Andrew’s hand softly caressed her bottom as she lay helplessly across his lap. I had been two years since Andrew had last pulled her across his knee for a disciplinary spanking, but she remembered it as if it had been yesterday. So different from the fun, sensual spankings she so often received with pleasure. The disciplinary spanking had hurt, really hurt, not the pleasant sting and warm feeling she had always enjoyed. But what was equally worse was the embarrassment, the feeling that what could bring her pleasure could bring her pain as well, the feeling of being punished like a little girl would be by her mother and worst her own body betraying her as she despite all the pain felt the warmth and moisture building between her legs.
She could already feel part of that last sensation as all this went through her mind. An unwelcome feeling of arousal fighting for precedence with a feeling of fear and anticipation, but both dominated by a feeling of unfairness of powerlessness, the feeling that all this was undeserved.
When the stroking stopped and she felt Andrew’s hand rising she wrapped her arms around his leg, holding on to him tightly, bracing herself. And then his hand came down, a hard smack launching her body forward and pressing a soft yelp from her lips. Andrew always started out with a fast series of smacks alternating her cheeks and he did the same for this disciplinary spanking. Sophie was unable to keep the yelps and moans from escaping as the sting built in her bottom. It didn’t hurt yet, but she knew it would soon, as Andrew’s hand squeezed her bottom during a small break after the first series of smacks. She felt his fingers hook behind her knickers and she knew the real spanking was about to start. Her face flushed in embarrassment and self-aimed anger as she realised how wet her panties felt as they were being pulled down. She was sure Andrew had noticed, but unlike during her fun spankings he did not mention it, ignoring her arousal and concentrating on her punishment. He raised his hand again and Sophie braced herself. His hand came down harder this time bouncing of her bottom and greatly increasing the sting in her bottom. He worked slowly, making sure every square inch of her bottom was red and stinging and even then he didn’t stop. Sophie yelped and moaned, she kicked her legs and reached back to protect her bottom with her hands. But she didn’t cry, she had cried last time and something told her that this wasn’t as bad as she remembered. It wasn’t much harder than a fun spanking, not nearly as hard as her memories told her it would be. Had time increased the pain in her memories, or was her boyfriend being less strict on her now? She didn’t know, but what she did know was that her bottom was burning and her pussy rubbing his knee, leaving a wet stain that would surely reward her with some extra strokes as the initial spanking was over.

The red dress felt cold and smooth against her hot and sore bottom. Her panties lay forgotten on the floor as the inside of her thighs felt wet and sticky from her own arousal. Halfway the spanking Andrew’s other hand had found its way underneath her, his fingers squeezing and rubbing her pussy until he found her clitoris. And like that the disciplinary spanking had turned into one of the most exciting sensual spankings she had ever received. Andrew’s right hand kept spanking her poor sore bottom relentlessly as his left brought her closer and closer to a climax.
At that point her wits had abandoned her, she hadn’t been able to think and had given herself over to the moment. But now, laying over his lap, occasionally still shivering from her recent orgasm, she wondered what had just happened, how this disciplinary spanking had turned into a fun one. She didn’t get much time to think it over, after smoothing the dress across her bottom Andrew helped her up. A broad smile brightened his face and when he hugged her, she was remembered of that hard bump in his pants she had felt pressing against her belly during the spanking. That bump had been in the back of her mind the whole time, but her brain was too occupied to give it much thought. Then she realised the truth. “You knew!” She said, surprised by her own discovery. “You knew it was a gift, all along.” She didn’t know if she was to be angry, relieved or excited, but when Andrew kissed her those thoughts were forgotten and her hands reached down to the buttons of his pants.
But Andrew stopped her. Holding her hands just before she could free the arousal from his pants. He pulled back from the kiss and smiled at her. “There’s no time for that right now Sophie. I believe your friend Anna will be arriving any second now. I’m sure she will be curious to see how good you look in the dress I told her to buy for you.”

Saturday, 5 June 2010

The real world

One of the projects in this blog will be a collection of pictures called 'the real world'.

As often as I find a picture depicting a truely interesting sight of a handsome young lady - or even find myself lucky enough to encounter one while carrying my camera with me - I will share it and my thoughts.

I decided to use this as a first as it perfectly depicts how a handsome young woman can put a smile on anyone's face. (admittedly it is probably not real, but who cares).